Doloto: JavaScript optimization tool

Doloto is an AJAX application optimization tool provided at Microsoft DevLabs.

It works as an local proxy server, and it profiles JavaScript in Ajax applications. After profiling, Doloto groups JavaScripy functions as clusters based on profiled data. And rewrite original JavaScript code to load functions on demand using XMLHttpRequest.

Doloto is very simple and easy to use. It makes lazy loading of JavaScript with no changes of your applications.


Vilike: Open Source vi Plug-in for Eclipse

viPlugin for Eclipse is a major plug-in that provides vi like key binding for Eclipse. However it's not open source. We have to buy license to use it (15 Euro).

Today, I found an open source vi plug-in named Vilike. I tested this plug-in and felt it good.

You can get it from the download page.

  1. Download jp.gr.java_conf.mitonan.vilike_0.1.0.beta1.jar and put it into ECLIPSE_HOME/dropins.
  2. Restart Eclipse and choose ViLike Key Binding Scheme ad the key binding schema in the Eclipse preference dialog ([General] - [Keys]).

Try Vilike plug-in if you want to bring Eclispe key binding close to the vi editor!