GitBucket 1.12 released!

Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of  new version of Scala based Github clone GitBucket 1.12.

This release contains some new features as below:

SSH repository access is available
SSH repository access can be enabled in system settings:
Users can register public keys in account settings:
And ssh repository url can be checked in the repository viewer:
Group management enhancement
All users can create new group. User can manage their groups and group repositories.
It's possible to configure permission in the group in group settings:
Git submodule support
Display the link to the repository for submodules.
In addition, in the previous version of GitBucket, downloading as the zip file had not been worked if the repository contains submodule. This issue is fixed in this release.
Close issues via commit messages
Issue can be closed by commit message like "Fix #123" or "Close #123".

Show repository description below the name on repository page
Fix presentation of the source viewer

And also this release contains some improvements and bug fix so we recommend upgrading your GitBucket.



GitBucket 1.11 released!

Today, we released a new version of Scala based Github clone GitBucket 1.11.

This release contains some new features as below:
  • Base URL for redirection, notification and repository URL box is configurable
  • Remove --https option because it's possible to substitute in the base url
  • Headline anchor is available for Markdown contents such as Wiki page
  • Label is available for pull requests not only issues
  • Delete branch button is added

  • Repository icons are updated
  • Select lines of source code by URL hash like #L10 or #L10-L15 in repository viewer
  • Display reference to issue from others in comment list
And also this release contains some improvements and bug fix so we recommend upgrading your GitBucket.



GitBucket 1.10 released!

Today, we released a new version of Scala based Github clone GitBucket 1.10.

This release contains some new features as below:
  • Rename repository
  • Transfer repository owner
  • Change default data directory to HOME/.gitbucket from HOME/gitbucket, but if data directory already exist at HOME/gitbucket, it continues being used.
  • Add LDAP display name attribute
  • Response performance improvement
Running GitBucket is very easy:
  1. Download gitbucket.war from here and hit java -jar gitbucket.war in console
  2. Access http://localhost:8080/ by your browser
And also some bugs are fixed in this release. Please upgrade your GitBucket, it's also very easy. You have to only replace gitbucket.war.



GitBucket 1.5 released!

We've released GitBucket 1.5 several days before.

GitBucket is a Github clone written with Scala. It's based on Scalatra, Slick and JGit.

This release contains many important new features such as:

  • Fork and pull request
  • LDAP authentication
  • Mail notification

See here to know how to setup GitBucket. It's very easy. Please try GitBucket and any feedback is welcome!


Non-blocking API for Apache Solr

Today, we've released solr-scala-client 0.0.8!!

This release includes asynchronous and non-blocking API based on AsyncHttpClient and Scala 2.10's Future. See the following simple example:

val client = new AsyncSolrClient("http://localhost:8983/solr")

// Register
    "id"   -> "005", 
    "name" -> "ThinkPad X1 Carbon", 
    "manu" -> "Lenovo"))
    case Success(x) => println("registered!")
    case Failure(t) => t.printStackTrace()

// Query
  .fields("id", "manu", "name")
  .sortBy("id", Order.asc)
  .getResultAsMap(Map("name" -> "ThinkPad X201s"))
  .onComplete {
    case Success(x) => println(x)
    case Failure(t) => t.printStackTrace()

Methods of AsyncSolrClient return Future. You can process result by callback handler. See more example at here.

This release also contains some other new features such as recommendation search and automatic transaction management. Check the github site to know details of solr-scala-client!


GitBucket 1.0 released!

Today, we released a first public version of GitBucket which is a Github clone by Scala, it very easy to setup.

The current version of GitBucket provides a basic features below:

  • Public / Private Git repository (http access only)
  • Repository viewer (some advanced features are not implemented)
  • Wiki
  • Issues
  • User management (for Administrators)

Following features are not implemented, but we will make them in the future release!

  • Fork and pull request
  • Activity timeline
  • Search
  • Notification
  • Network graph
  • Statics
  • Watch / Star
  • Team management (like Organization in Github)

You can setup GitBucket by only putting war into your servlet container such as Tomcat or Jetty. Please try it and feedback is welcome!


eclipse-scala-tools 0.0.4 released!

eclipse-scala-tools is an Eclipse plug-in for sbt.

This is a list of new features and changes in this version:

  • Use system proxy setting
  • SBT 0.12 Support (SBT 0.7 and 0.10 are removed)
  • Use sbteclipse to generate Eclipse project configuration files
  • Outline view

And I have a plan about new features in the future release:

  • Scala IDE 3.x and sbt 0.13 support
  • Select some major libraries at the project creation wizard
  • Multi project support
  • Wizard to import existing sbt project from out of workspace

I hope this plug-in helps you. Enjoy!