GitBucket 1.12 released!

Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of  new version of Scala based Github clone GitBucket 1.12.

This release contains some new features as below:

SSH repository access is available
SSH repository access can be enabled in system settings:
Users can register public keys in account settings:
And ssh repository url can be checked in the repository viewer:
Group management enhancement
All users can create new group. User can manage their groups and group repositories.
It's possible to configure permission in the group in group settings:
Git submodule support
Display the link to the repository for submodules.
In addition, in the previous version of GitBucket, downloading as the zip file had not been worked if the repository contains submodule. This issue is fixed in this release.
Close issues via commit messages
Issue can be closed by commit message like "Fix #123" or "Close #123".

Show repository description below the name on repository page
Fix presentation of the source viewer

And also this release contains some improvements and bug fix so we recommend upgrading your GitBucket.


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