This is the first entry in Blogger!!

This is the first entry in Blogger!!

I'm making a lot of Eclipse plug-ins at the Project Amateras. Eclipse is the major open source Java Integrated Development Environment. And I'm also commiter of the Click Framework. Click is powerful and simple web application framework for Java.

Now I'm interested in the small web development project using Java. Which frameworks should we use...? My one answer is here:

  • Seasar2 (DI/AOP container made in Japan)
  • S2Dao(Data Access Framework based on Seasar2)
  • Click Framework

Seasar2 is a poweful DI/AOP container made in Japan. I think Seasar2 is more easy than Spring in many cases. However Seasar2 does not have enough English docuements to use it. So I will try to tell about Seasar2 in this blog.

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