The page auto mapping without templates

Click Framework provides the page auto mapping. This is the important feature to decrease amount of configuration.

However Click maps page classes to request-path from HTML templates. So page classes which do not have corresponded HTML template is not mapped automatically.

For example:

  • pages which share a HTML template
  • the page which returns JSON or file (response is written in the page class)
I'm thinking about annotations on Click Framework. How about the @Path annotation which specifies the auto mapping path to page classes.
public class FileDonwloadPage extends Page {

   * Writes response for file downloading in this method.
  @Override public void onRender() {
    HttpServletResponse res = getContext().getResponse();
    OutputStream out = res.getOutputStream();

   * This method returns null to not render template,
   * because this class writes response contents for file download.
  public String getPath(){
    return null;
This is one idea of using annotation in Click Framework.

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