S2Click: Seasar2 integration for Click Framework

S2Click is Seasar2 integration for Click Framework. Seasar2 is an opensource DI container made in Japan. S2Click adds powerful features to Click.
  • HOT deploy - You don't have to restart application server when you modify your sourcecode.
  • Java5 annotation - S2Click provides some annotations for ease of development
  • Ajax & File download support - The page base class S2ClickPage provides methods to render Ajax & file downloading response.
  • public field handling - You can use public fields instead of setter & getter in many places.
  • Extended controls - S2ClickForm, ToolTip, ConfirmSubmit, AjaxLinks and AjaxButtons
Now, Seasar2 and S2Click focuses to Japanese developers (So documentation is provided with Japanese mainly).

However I will introduce S2Click detailed features in this blog. And also I will feedback these features to Click Framework from S2Click in the feature.

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