JSDT: JavaScript Debug Tool

JSDT(JavaScript Debug Tools) is a JavaScript debugger that supports multi web browser without any add-ons.

Existing JavaScript debugger such as Firebug works for only specific web browsers or requires special add-ons. However JSDT has no requirement. It supports IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and many other browsers.

It works as the HTTP proxy server and this proxy inserts JavaScript code for debug into original JavaScript code. Inserted code sends debug information to debugger using Ajax.

JSDT provides a Swing based stand-alone debugger and an Eclipse plug-in. We can choose them by our development style.

Now, JSDT has some problem to debug JavaScript which contains multi-byte characters. So the current version is not so practicable. However JSDT's debugging mechanism looks epoch-making. I'm looking forward to the future of JSDT!

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