Mirage and Apache Click Example

I started to make a sample application to use Mirage with Apache Click.

This sample application has not been completed yet. However you can checkout source code from the following URL using Subversion.

You can build a war file using Maven. Please execute following commands in command prompt.

$ svn co http://svn.sourceforge.jp/svnroot/amateras/mirage/trunk/mirage-click-example/
$ cd mirage-click-example
$ mvn package

Then you can find mirage-click-example.war in the /target directory.

Put it into the application server such as Tomcat and access http://localhost:8080/mirage-click-example/ using your browser.

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Adrian A. さんのコメント...

Very very nice :).
Later, you could host the example e.g. here:
(it's free for open source projects, and it doesn't have the restrictions of GAE/J).
Than we could link the example from the Click site too, so that the users can find and see it live quickly :).

Naoki Takezoe さんのコメント...

This example shows how to integrate Mirage into Apache Click. Source code of this example is important for users. But I think operation of the example might not be so significant.

gilbertoca さんのコメント...

Mirage seems simple, but take a looked in this one(http://code.google.com/p/orbroker/).

Good work,(thanks)


Naoki Takezoe さんのコメント...

Hi Gilberto,

orbroker seems very simple! I like simple library or framework like it.

However the most important feature of Mirage is 2waySQL. Mirage SQL template is executable using any SQL client tools. So you can test SQL syntax easily without Mirage runtime.