Mirage 1.0.4 Released!

Mirage 1.0.4 is now available!

Mirage is a simple SQL centric database access library. See the following URL to know about Mirage:

Here is the list of changes in Mirage 1.0.4:

  • JavaSE 5 support (Mirage 1.0.3 and before work with only JavaSE 6)
  • BugFix: Map which contains null properties causes NullPointerException in SqlManager#executeUpdate()
  • BugFix: When the column value is NULL then Mirage sets the default value of primitive types to entity wrapper type properties.
  • Add new methods to SqlManager for direct sql execution:
    • SqlManager#getResultListBySql()
    • SqlManager#getSingleResultBySql()
    • SqlManager#iterateBySql()
    • SqlManager#executeUpdatySql()

I wish that Mirage helps your development. Enjoy!

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