solr-scala-client 0.0.7 is now available!

solr-scala-client is a simple Apache Solr client for Scala based on SolrJ.

The list of new features in 0.0.7:

  • Add build for Scala 2.10
  • Upgrade to SolrJ 4.2.0
  • Support search result highlighting

In this entry, I introduce search result highlighting which is a new feature in this release.

How to Highlight?

You can configure the query to return the highlighted content using QueryBuilder#highlight(). The highlighted field is required, but prefix and suffix is not required. They are optional(default is <em>...</em>).

The highlighted content is set as the "highlight" property to the Map or the case class.

val result = client.query("content: Scala")
  // NOTE: unique key field is required.
  // Specify the highlighted field, prefix and postfix (prefix and postfix is optional).
  .highlight("content", "", "")

result.documents.foreach { doc: Product =>
  println("id: " + doc("id"))
  println(doc("highlight")) // highlighted content is set as the "highlight" property

In SolrJ, we have to map retrieved documents and highlighted contents using the unique key of the index schema. solr-scala-client expects that the unique key is "id".

If your schema has the different field as the unique key, you can specify the unique key name as following:

val result = client.query("content: Scala")
  .id("documentId") // Specify the unique key name
  .highlight("content", "", "")

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