Mirage 1.1.4 is now available!

Mirage is a simple SQL centric database access library. See the following URL to know about Mirage:

New features in Mirage 1.1.4:

  • Added RailsLikeNameConverter as an optional NameConverter.
  • Added FieldPropertyExtractor as an optional implementation of PropertyExtractor.
  • BugFix: Avoid depending on JDBC 4.0 (Java6) API in DefaultValueType
  • Chopping semicolon from the end of the SQL file.
  • Improve: Avoid using type Exception/RuntimeException to make interfaces intension revealing
  • Added SqlManagerImpl#setValueTypes to make it easier to configure valueTypes using Spring framework
  • BugFix: PropertyExtractor extracts static or final field
  • Improvement: DefaultResultEntityCreator just reqires no-argument constructor. It really doesn't matter if the constructor is public.
  • Improvement: Make ValueType parameterized. If you implement custom ValueTypes, these is not compatible in this version.
  • Added BreakIterationException to discontinue iteration search.
  • BugFix: @Column is available for the select query.

Since this version, we provide a source code cross reference generated by Sorcerer. It generates so rich HTML based cross reference which provide references search like Eclipse. See the follwing URL:

I hope Mirage helps your development. Enjoy!

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