Getting Started with mirage-scala

mirage-scala is the simple and powerful library to access RDBMS from Scala. I introduce how to use mirage-scala with sbt.

At first, add the following dependency into your build.sbt:

And create the jdbc.properties and put it on the root of classpath.

Next, you have to create the entity class. mirage-scala supports both of mutable and immutable style as entity class. This is the example of immutable style entity class:

Ready for mirage-scala. Let's try to use it!

You can insert, update and delete a record using SqlManager and entity classes. And also you can select a record by the primary key.

When you must select records by the more complex query, you can do it using 2way-SQL which is the powerful feature of mirage-scala. I would like to write about it in the next entiry.

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