Simple wrapper of PicoContainer for Scala

I tried SubCut to resolve dependency of components in Scala. However I think The Cake Pattern might be better than SubCut because it's so complex more than necessary and not transparent.It's similar to the service locator, not the DI container. I need a DI container which is more simple and intuitive. It's sufficient that supports constructor injection.

There are PicoContainer in Java World. So I wrote a simple wrapper of PicoContainer for Scala:

It does not cover all features of PicoContainer. But it might be enough for my current use :-)

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匿名 さんのコメント...

Nice wrapper, but PicoContainer would be even more practical in Click Framework. Would love to use it there instead of Spring, but like most users I wasn't able to integrate it smoothly.
There were even several requests on the forums regarding Pico integration in Click.

Naoki Takezoe さんのコメント...

I know some Click users requested PicoContainer integration. Previously, it had also been raised on JIRA:

I like PicoContainer because it so simple and lightweight like Click. I often use Guice than PicoContainer in Java recently but I'm interested in PicoContainer integration in Click. Why cat't you integrate it smoothy?